We want to make sure our contributors get every penny's worth of their generous donations. So, we have developed a seven step strategy to make all our projects successful. And since we started in 2003, every project was a success! Please check our programs, and tell us how we can improve.

Seven step strategy for successful non-profit projects:

1. Start small

Start with small projects in small communities. The advantage is the strong system of checks and balances already in place. Remember how Muhammad Yunus started his microlending in small rural communities of Bangladesh.

2. Know your community and the key players

Small communities have a hierarchy and almost everyone listens to their leaders.

3. Get buy-in.

Find a need, and fulfill it in a way that community understands the benefits. During the process, build ownership in the community; this is key to ensure proper transition and post completion maintenance.

4. Find a common ground, and build ties within the community.

Forge a partnership: establish ground rules for a two-way collaboration. The community is an important part of the project, and their opinions matter. Most of the time we found that we share the same passion for education, and for the future of their community.

5. Be genuinely interested in the community and in people's lives.

Small community members are very eager to make progress in their lives, and they appreciate genuine interest, and every helping hand.

6. Emphasize long term development.

“Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”. Think long term, and show it to the community members. This way, you can count on their support throughout the project, and most important, the maintenance thereafter.

7. Manage the project.

It may seem obvious, but managing the people and the work on the field is the key. Have a plan. Follow every detail from inception to completion. Have a transition plan. Get feedback continuously (we have our Project Liaisons in the field all the time; weekly reports and phone calls ensure things are on track. Also listen to the feedback from community members).

If you are interesting in volunteering for any of our existing programs, have some fresh ideas, or simply want to make a donation, please contact us at:, or call our volunteer line:310-933-2696

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Free Dental Screening

Many kids in the rural areas of Romania still suffer from poor dental hygiene, and lack of information in regarding correct procedures of brushing their teeth. It may seem unbelievable, but we found out that in many cases, their parents couldn't even afford to buy toothpaste and a toothbrush, less alone replace it every several months, or teach their kids about proper dental hygiene.