Rotary Bookmobile

The Bookmobile was created by the need for information in undeveloped, rural areas of Romania. There is a huge discrepancy between life (and opportunities) in upper-middle-class developing in urban areas, and the empoverished rural population, in a country with the second most number of villages in Europe (France is the first one, and they promoted a rural rehabilitation program in the 80's that created economic and educational oppportunities in rural areas - something that we envision will happen in Romania and othe rcountries one day).

Usually the villages are few miles away from the city library, and people (especially children and elderly) have the impossible task of waliking 6 - 10 miles one way only to borrow a book from the city library, or access the Internet. Hence, the boolmobile represents the most efficient form of disseminating information in rural areas.

The project was done in collaboration with Rotary International, and private parties. The recipient of this donation was the non-profit association created by a group of dedicated people, around the Library of Filiasi, in Southwestern part of Romania. The bookmobile will also take Romanian book donations to the Republic of Moldova.

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