Rebuilding Schools

This project aimed to rebuild a school which was the heart of a small community of 600-700 people. The goal was to double the number of classroom seats, from 150 to 300. Due to the lack of space, many kids had to walk for hours, summer or winter, just to attend the school in the nearby village, 5 miles away. Over the years we have tackled various smaller construction work projects, but this one was the most amazing: it built volunteerism, and created synergy in the entire community. Below is a picture of the school before and during renovation.

The school was in a very remote area. The lack of proper roads made it difficult for the materials to reach the construction site. At the beginning of the project, we seemed to lack everything: from money to good weather, and from time to trained workforce. We had however, plenty of confidence and enthusiasm. Read the entire story here.

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