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"Speak! Now" was created in 2007 by "Children Aid" in collaboration with the "City Hall of Filiasi", and eight dedicated local teachers. The goal was to teach English Language skills to children ages 7 to 18. The program is free, and currently enlists 200 children from 5 communites. All teachers are volunteers. The picture is from a play of the 2nd year English class 5th graders. They wrote their own script in their "Speak! Now" program, and performed the play in front of their parents and teachers.

The overall plan is to create more English-speaking communities in Romania and other developing countries, and positively impact the future economical development of a particular region, or country. This program is to be soon expanded to include English clasees for the adult population of working age.

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Alex Agoston Prosthetic Limbs

Alex Agoston from Lupeni, Romania, lost both his arms and one foot in a tragic train accident, at the age of 8. Children Aid has started a new effort of raising the much needed money for his prosthetic arms, and leg, allowing Alex to get his life back. The amount is 17,500 EUR which amounts to approximatively US$24,000.