Health Programs

Healthy Children through knowledge and training.

Mens sana in corpore sano. We help children (and their parents) to develop a sound mind in a sound body. Health education is extremely important for child development. Health Departments often lack statistics about children's health, especially in rural areas. Our free programs represent a win-win: for families who often lack health insurance, as well for Health Services who gather important data, and learn new methodologies. From free dental screenings, to working with teams of doctors, and hospitals, we aim to improve health education among families in rural areas. Learn more

Free Dental Screenings 

In 2009, we organized the first free dental screening for children in the region of South West Romania. This program was created in partnership with the Rotary Clubs of Craiova, Romania (, and Costa Mesa, CA (, and modeled after a similar Rotary initiative in Southern California, and immediately became a success. The first edition gathered six dentists (coming from as far as Holland), and 150 children. Now this has became an annual program, with dozens a dentists, providing free dental screening, education, and treatment, to hundreds of children every year. In 2011 the program was presented at the National Congress of Dentistry in Romania as a proven, efficient, and cost effective method of promoting dental education in rural areas.

Helping Hands - the story of Alex, a triple amputee 

Alex Agoston from Lupeni, Romania, lost both his arms and one foot in a tragic train accident, at the age of 8. Despite his ordeal, he's grown into a strong, optimistic young man with a positive outlook on life. Educated at Heidelberg, in Germany, he's proficient in operating a computer, and he speaks fluently three languages. In 2009 the Romanian National Television had a fundraising campain for a new set of prostethics that included a myoelectric arm. Once the funds were gathered, the CEO of the company in charge of manufacturing his prosthetics - vanished with all the money, and he is still in the loose. Children Aid has started a new effort of raising the much needed money for his prosthetic arms, and leg, allowing Alex to get his life back. The amount is 17,500 EUR which amounts to approximatively 24,000 USD. Alex's story was the subject of an award winning report for the Romanian TV. Watch Alex's story here.

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