Our Highest Priority is Children and it Shows in Everything We Do.

At "Children Aid and Development", we are all volunteers working on various projects — from rebuilding schools, heating systems, Computer and English Labs, to helping kids through scholarships, book donations, or free dental screening programs. We work either independently, or in partnerships with local and international NGOs. Since 2009, we have started several projects in partnership with Rotary International, the largest service organization in the world, with over 1,2 million members. Currently we have projects in rural areas of Romania. Please visit our "Programs" pages for more information.

Modern technology for rural children

Children Aid and Development was born from the idea of creating economic opportunities in poor rural communities, one community at the time. For this, we are taking a three prong approach:

  • Develop computer and Internet skills for children and young adults
  • Learn communication skills in English (and/or any widely spoken language)
  • Skills / vocational training

We are committed to:

1. Provide help and assistance for projects initiated by other organizations involved in similar activities.

2. Be the liaison between donors and organizations in need, and help direct funds to right places.

3. Build a network of volunteers, and relationships between similar organizations in the field of helping children.

4. Provide support and education for children, their parents, and everyone involved in the process, and improve their overall quality of life.

5. Promote and help build altruism, and volunteerism, and create a sense of community in every place

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Recent Projects

English Language Labs

In 2008, "Children Aid" and "Elementary School of Filiasi" joined forces to build a state-of-the-art English Lab. We will be implementing this model to ten more participating schools, and extend the program with evening English classes for the adult population of working age.