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Breaking the Cycle of Poverty Through Education.

"Children Aid and Development" was created in 2003 to fill the need for education and business opportunities in increasingly poorer rural areas of the world. Since then, it accomplished 50 projects benefitting over 30,000 people, on three continents.

This 501(c)(3) non profit organization was started by two educators, Alex, a computer scientist, and Alma, an economist - both well aware of the power of education. In Alex's words, "born behind the iron curtain, and despite harsh political and economic conditions, I always found refuge and comfort in books. They have been my dearest friends during childhood and adolescence, helping me discover a bigger world, through the power of imagination. A world not confined by communist ideology, borders, or walls. As Walt Disney once said "if you can dream it, you can do it", my new universe had smiling faces, happy children, loving parents, and everyone could follow their dreams. This is the world that our non-profit organization is building today, once child (and family) at a time."

In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, one should "be the change you wish to see in the world". For Alma, "Children Aid and Development" is a natural extension of her belief in the power of positive transformation.  She's always seen how "developing, and cultivating human potential always brings the highest return of investment."

Over the years, our organization was fortunate to become the link between donors, and underprivileged children, and a catalyst in their [mostly] rural communities. We work with schools, teachers, educators, families, and communities to bring a better future for people in need from Romania, Mexico, and United States. We strive to provide education, help, and guidance to all underprivileged children, and their families. While providing educational opportunities for the children, we also attempt to reestablish the balance by developing business opportunities for their parents - thus, coming full circle.

We are a group of dedicated people committed to providing opportunities to children in poor rural areas. We believe that education is the key to breaking the cycle of poverty. Through education, we are helping children to reach their full potential and fulfill their mission in life. We are all volunteers: teachers, librarians, computer scientists, business leaders, doctors, parents, working towards children's better education for a better future.

"Children Aid and Development" was born from passion for education, love for children, and the idea that we can help break the circle  of poverty hrough education. You can, too.

Children Aid works with other organizations

Being a link between donors and children in needis always rewarding. We were (again!) fortunate to work with, and coordinate the efforts of other various organizations, and their representatives, like Rotary International, or Peace Corps, on literacy and computer projects. It has been an extremely valuable experience for us, as we are applying many of the lessons learned in the process.

New programs for old problems

There is a huge gap between rural communities, and the cities of Romania. While the big cities have sophisticated, thriving business systems, the nearby villages are deprived of economic opportunities, as well as human resources - mostly all migrated or migrating to city life. In order to prevent the depletion of human factor from the countryside, we are proposing self-sustainable communities, centered around natural resources, or area's potential, like: highly skilled population with multiple trades, or beautiful yet untapped natural wonders, some unique in Europe. 

All these self-sustaining communities need at least:

  1.  Teachers, and educators. The program "Build a House for Teacher" aims to bring and retain teachers to rural areas. Cost is TBD; potentially a house, including 1 acre of land, can be built for 10 - 15K with volunteer work.
  2.  Skills School - Job training by teaching valuable skills to young adults. This program aims to teach useful practical skills which can later become a job. Manual skills like carpentry, mechanics, house building, plumbing, sewing are extremely sought of for young adults in rural areas. Cost: 150 / person / month.
  3. Computer Camp - Provide intensive computer lessons for children and young adults. This program aims to improve computer literacy in rural areas. Although Romania is rated 5th in the world on Information Technology intelligence, there is a huge gap between big cities and poor rural areas. We aim to bridge this gap by teaching computer classes to young adults ages 6 - 21. Cost: 50 USD / person / month 
  4. Language Camp - For children, as well as the existing eligible workforce, to learn foreign languages. Cost: 100 USD / person / month.
  5. Sports Challenge - Involve young adults in sport challenges to keep them healthy, disciplined, and drug-free. Develop sports challenges, sport teams, create sporting events. Cost: 100 USD / children / month.
  6. Health Education - Just like the very successful Free Dental Screening, people need access to health educators, and programs. Cost: 75 USD / person, 3 -4 times / year.  

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Rotary Bookmobile

The Bookmobile is a US$37,500 project completed in collaboration with seven Rotary Clubs from US and Romania. The bookmobile is mobile center for disseminating information to people in rural areas. It has books, laptops, CDs, Internet [wireless] connectivity, and will be powered in the future by alternative (solar and wind) energies.